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Outdoor Learning Centres

There is a growing list of childcare centres, services and playgroups developing their Nature Pedagogies across the state. 

This practice comes in many forms for these established centres and groups, and can involve: connection to nature in an urban landscape, connection to shared community spaces, connection to Indigenous perspectives of land, water and skies and extended excursions. In each setting, pedagogy is developed around both place and relationships. 

We are developing this list and hope to add or link to more information about each centre's unique approach as we go. 

Clovelly Childcare Centre

Clovelly Childcare Centre, Arden St, Clovelly NSW, Australia

Earlwood Uniting Church Preschool

Earlwood Uniting Church Preschool, Homer Street, Earlwood NSW, Australia

Gib Gate, Mittagong

Gib Gate | Preschool and Primary Co-education, Old Bowral Road, Mittagong NSW, Australia

KU Wombarra Preschool

KU Wombarra Preschool, Reef Avenue, Wombarra NSW, Australia

Explore & Develop, Annandale

Explore & Develop Annandale - Early Learning Centre, Booth Street, Annandale NSW, Australia

Explore & Develop, Lilyfield

Explore & Develop Norton Street, Lilyfield - Early Learning Centre, Norton Street, Lilyfield NSW, Australia

Concord West

Concord West Rhodes Preschool, Concord West NSW, Australia

Get in touch with us if you would like your centre to be listed on this page. 

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