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What can be attained by attending gatherings?

For me, gatherings are very important and I try my best not to miss any. I treasure the fellowship of like-minded people. We all have different contexts and don’t agree on everything. This broadens my mind and makes me think.

Gatherings give me an injection of energy, motivation and ideas. It has come to feel like a family, a tribe where I can relax and get support.

At the first gathering, I attended I heard the story of how they went out the gate and found a way to connect city kids with nature. I was motivated to start planning for how at our place we could give children more opportunities. Early childhood educators can feel isolated especially in stand-alone services. Gatherings remind you, that you are part of a community with the rights and best interests of children at the core of what we do. Our Nature Connections gatherings forge valuable people connections too.

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