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EC Sustainability Alliance

The AAEE Biennial Conference in Wollongong

While we might be separated by many kilometres, The Alliance is united in our commitment to further build capacity in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability (ECEfS).

The Alliance is the result of the vision, foresight, and extensive research by Dr Sue Elliott. Her work and publications in Australia and internationally are an ongoing source of inspiration and guidance for educators.

The AAEE Biennial Conference in Wollongong, held 25 – 27 September provided the opportunity for some members of the Alliance to connect in person. Attending the conference were representatives from three of the seven members of The Alliance;

Environmental Education in Early Childhood (EEEC Vic. Inc.)

Queensland Early Childhood Sustainability Network (QECSN)  and

NSW Early Years Nature Connections (NSWEYNC)


Meeting in person and hearing the inspirational presentations of the representatives powerfully reinforced our shared values, our common purpose and advocacy commitments.

The 2023 Conference theme ‘Listening to Country, Learning Together and Transforming the Future’, was intended to turn this conference moment into a sustainability movement by challenging old thinking and fostering innovation, collaboration, resilience, and genuinely effective action.

This theme resonated with conference delegates and closely aligned with the goals of The Alliance.

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